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Brand Story

Embrace The Habit of Happiness with Habiglad, where innovation and dedication converge to deliver a truly satisfying lifestyle

The Habit of Happiness

Yongkang HAC hardware manufacture co,ltd is located in Yongkang City,Zhejiang Province,China. Our company is an industrial and trade enterprise intearating manufacturing own brand and sales The company covers an area of 12000 square meters and has 80 employees.Our company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of Vibration Plate,Foot and Leg Massage Exercise Bike Steppers and etc.Our main market is Japan Europe and the South America.We have rich experience in ODM&OEM orders.

Brand Mission

The Habit of Happiness
HABIGLAD’s mission has always been housed in our name: we were born to design, create and deliver that perfect productYOU and your customers have been craving for, the unparalleled service that leads to complete satisfaction, that turns your daily quest for business partners into a Habit of Happiness. Your most reliable, one-stop source of premium quality, cost-effective range of homeware creations is right here, where it belongs: at the very end of your quest for a healthy and rewarding bond, betweenYou and your final customer, betweenYou and Habiglad.

Habiglad's visio

Supplying Worldwide Happiness Today, and Tomorrow
Here at Habiglad, we think there is, and it’s the essence of our vision: to help YOU achieve your own happiness. And even if it seems easier said than done, our strength is precisely this: we are always ready to translate every request from our clients into a successful product, into a truly international brand, safely backed by a supplier that understands every partner’s and every customer’s desire, even before they are expressed; and most importantly, a supplier with unfaltering knowledge and technologies to satisfy them, worldwide, today, and tomorrow.

Core Brand Values

One-Stop Service、Unwavering Quality、Leading-Edge Innovations

One-Stop Service

Habiglad’s first core value is to offer a one-stop service. From the first inquiry to the last meeting and beyond, we are willing to build stable and strong relations with our partners and customers, so they don’t need to look any further, ever again.

Unwavering Quality

Our professional and experienced R&D team can turn premium materials and advanced technologies into products of the highest quality. We create goods beyond typical boundaries of ordinary quality, and that’s why our partners are coming back asking for more.

Leading-Edge Innovations

Our passion is in making any crazy, non-standard thoughts real. Complying with the market trends and the application of the latest innovations, we are ready to design and provide futuristic, healthy, and joyful creations for long-lasting usage.

Who We Are

One-Stop Service、Unwavering Quality、Leading-Edge Innovations

When you want to introduce Habiglad?

Habiglad is a reliable provider of happiness and a healthy lifestyle, supplying the best of our homeware creations across the globe.

When they ask what you do?

We produce top-notch customized products that can meet all our partners requirements and satisfy their own customers’ thirst for happiness, all day long, day after day, year after year, helping them embrace their Habit of Happiness.

When they ask why work with you?

We are way more than a simple supplier of products: our range of homeware items is created to share a vision of thriving satisfaction and hassle-free living for everyone. Our dedicated R&D team and advanced technology applications make innovative solutions come to life; and our competitive price and fast delivery time ensure our partnership stays strong, healthy and happy for as long as you need.

Brand Story

Embrace The Habit of Happiness with Habiglad, where innovation and dedication converge to deliver a truly satisfying lifestyle

The Habit of Happiness

In an age when everyone seeks the happiest life and the simplest way to enjoy their healthiest well-being, the industry is filled with companies claiming to be at the forefront of innovation, but few have the courage or means to truly stand out. However, Habiglad made a conscious decision to stop talking the talk and started to walk the walk. From its inception, Habiglad embraced the "Habit of Happiness" philosophy, recognizing that happiness and innovation are not achieved overnight. The company believes that constant dedication year after year is the key to building real, long-term satisfaction with partners and customers.

Habiglad's vision was never meant to remain an abstract dream. Since day 1, the founder poured over 10 years of experience and their deepest passion for healthy products into the meticulous procurement of premium materials, streamlined production processes, and state-of-the-art technologies. Their team of seasoned researchers and trendsetting designers contributed to the outstanding uniqueness of the products they conceived and designed. All these elements seamlessly merged to achieve their mission: becoming the unrivaled source of trust and business stability. Habiglad succeeded in building and maintaining long-lasting partnerships with domestic and global clients, an enthusiastic and loyal user community, and devoted employees and their families – all sharing the same key to success: The Habit of Happiness.
Today, Habiglad remains projected into the future of innovation, ready to transform even the most futuristic ideas into tangible, contemporary products of strictly certified quality. The company leverages the best manufacturing and trading resources without compromise, just like the happiness they deliver every day across the globe. Habiglad welcomes everyone ready to be part of their story, willing to enjoy an unprecedented, fully satisfying lifestyle, and embracing with them The Habit of Happiness.

Brand Positioning

One-Stop Service、Unwavering Quality、Leading-Edge Innovations

B2B - Customer Persona Positioning

Habiglad is a trustworthy international supplier of premium quality fitness and homeware products, supporting and promoting a vision a global and local happiness for our partners and their customers.

B2C - Customer Persona Positioning

Habiglad is a leading go-to. brand in the healthy home industry of supreme portable sports and healthy home products, supporting and promoting an idea of a happy lifestyle

Audience Benefits

√ High quality
√ Portable and cost-effective home items
√ Innovative design
√ Vast diversity of products
√ Fast delivery time

Key Competitive Advantages

How We Win Our Customers?

Staying dedicated, always – that’s what they say about us.

We are passionate about every single stage of our work. We are passionate about healthy innovation, improving ourselves and our world, sharing happiness with our colleagues, partners, and customers. Willing to give all our best, and truly and honestly provide high-quality services for everyone ready to join us.

B2C - Customer Persona Positioning

At Habiglad, we completely understand what "Top Quality" means. We stay committed to providing only the best creations to our clients, using excellent materials, advanced equipment, strict quality control guaranteed by international certifications, and the highest standards required by the most developed countries and markets on the planet.

Comprehensive Service & Customer Satisfaction

Achieving your total satisfaction is in our DNA, and we do that not only through incredibly diverse product lines and customization range. Our customers’ happiness comes from a fully trouble-free flexible one-stop service, from the first inquiry to the very last delivery, with a customer service team of 30+ specialists knowing perfectly well what our partners need and how to deliver it in the fastest and most efficient way.

Innovative Creations Leading To The Future

Our R&D team is persistently working on creating unique and customized products that are suitable to customers’ essential needs. Due to the market trends, we regularly update and enhance the research and development process with newest production technologies, to stay ahead of our competitors, right next to our long-term partners.

Contact Information

  18th floor, Jinmao mansion, CBD Center, Yongkang, Zhejiang, China.
Tel: +86-579-87250281
Fax: +86 13958456120



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